Kratom for Libido enhancement

Kratom is a tropical herb from the south-east part of Asia; has a lot of medicinal as well as psycho-active properties. The plant hails its origin to the tropical country of Thailand. Despite being grown widely in the forests of Thailand; the plant was forced banned by Thailand government. The reason for the ban was the herb being a cheap replacement for opium. The country mainly versed in opium trade was threatened by the opiate-like factors Kratom was offering when it acts with the µ receptors exactly where the opiate functions. read more

How Kratom can be consumed for ED?

It is very well known to everyone that kratom has many positive effects on the body and there are some hidden benefits which are not widely spoken among the people and that is the ability of kratom to cause the issue of erectile dysfunction in men. Majority of the studies show that kratom has a positive effect on the libido levels of the body. We all know that kratom is very much a sexual enhancer and on the other side of the coin, kratom tends to cause erectile dysfunction as it can boost the libido and this happens because of the sedative nature of this plant. Make sure that you read the entire article to get a clear understanding of this. read more

How kratom and Viagra differ in treating ED?

MitrgynaSpeciosa or Kratom; a substance belonging to the south-east Asian countries and Sildenafil citrate or Viagra; a medication brought to market by the Pfizer Inc., Pharmaceutical firm based on the states both can be considered opposites when it comes to treating Erectile dysfunction or ED. So, let’s take a look at the effects produced by both medications and sum-up for a decision. read more

Drugs that may cause serious effects if interacted with Viagra

Viagra Interaction

Viagra is the most famous sex pill that has found its place in almost every household in the United States and other parts of the world and rightly so. The popularity can be attributed the fact that it is perhaps the first of sorts erectile dysfunction pills with the PDE5 inhibiting mechanism that is made to improve the sex life of individuals. Now, however, there might be other ED pills but nothing beats Viagra in its esteem. Since millions and millions of people are now finding solace in buying Viagra online it is important to be mindful of the drugs that interact with this ED pill and trigger unwanted effects in the body. read more

Why branded pills of Viagra cost 50 times more than its generic version in the US?

Viagra Brand vs Generic Price

Viagra is a drug which belongs to a group of medication known as phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. These drugs are generally considered as the best ED medication for men. Viagra Online pharmacies are the best and the safest way to get hold of the drug. But, it has been found that the Viagra costs at least 50 times more than the generic Sildenafil tablets in the United States. So, there is a tendency in people to choose the brand drug over the generic formulation, just because they think that brand version is good for them. But why is it so? read more

In what forms can Viagra be bought from pharmacies?

Viagra Forms

It has been some time since Viagra came out to rescue men who suffered from Erectile Dysfunction. This particular drug has worked like a charm for the males who had some problem while performing in bed or on the sofa or wherever they got the chance! Individuals can buy Viagra online in many forms including some generic forms as well as some specific forms that are sold by private pharmaceutical companies. Let’s look into this drug and postmortem all its variations that can help you improve your or your partner’s sexual life! read more

Use Viagra and Cialis