Kratom for Libido enhancement

Kratom is a tropical herb from the south-east part of Asia; has a lot of medicinal as well as psycho-active properties. The plant hails its origin to the tropical country of Thailand. Despite being grown widely in the forests of Thailand; the plant was forced banned by Thailand government. The reason for the ban was the herb being a cheap replacement for opium. The country mainly versed in opium trade was threatened by the opiate-like factors Kratom was offering when it acts with the µ receptors exactly where the opiate functions.

Libido in Kratom

Kratom already having plenty of medicinal as well as psycho-active benefits; also helps with libido. The herb when consumed has a simulated sex drive. The substance when consumed on the right level of dosage helps with the enhanced sex drive. Kratom is said to provide enhanced effects and stimulation towards intercourse craving. The plant has been used as a traditional and recreational drink even in Thailand during the old days. However, there need to present a balance between the sexual performance and the consumption of Kratom. The herb is also said to have positive benefits with performance during libido. The Sedation traits of the plant can be held responsible when the interest starts to lag. Kratom is consumed by many people to have a better sex drive or enhancement. The substance is used for extra stamina boosting uplifting effects which push the person. When consumed in lower doses; the substance can have positive effects such as boosting of the mind, the enhanced libido drive. Kratom is also a cure for erectile dysfunction when consumed in appropriate dosages. The sense of touch seems to be so high when the herb is consumed. Consumption in heavier doses can result in adverse side effects which may not seem positive.

How to use Kratom for sexual enhancement?

Age is not considered a bar for the consumptions of the substance. The substance boosts the energy levels and increases the feels for a better experience.


Kratom helps by changing the mood the person is in. The substance when consumed produces a euphoric feeling; which boosts the confidence, motivation and focus endured from the herb. Many Users have reportedly commented that the substance makes them feel happy; thus altering the mind of a person. The sex drive in an uplifted mood helps with a positive mood.

Extrovert challenge

Many introverts find it hard to speak with people especially women. The substance improves the sociability in a human. The herb helps in lowering the physical and mental anxiety present in a human that increases the interaction and develops the conversation.


Many people have the feel of insecurity and the fear of low performance during the event of libido. This can be prevented by consuming Kratom. The herb is a better-known replacement for pharmaceutical drugs or medicines to battle depression, anxiety and stress. It promotes the focus. As the fear factors reduce the libido drive increases.

Strains suitable for Libido

There are plenty of strains available in Kratom. There are basically sub-classified based on the color of veins; red, white, green. Red being sedation, white being uplifting and green staying in-between the two. It is recommended to avoid the red-veined strains because they are more potent in sedation. Bali and the green Hulu Kapuas are some of the well-known strains for libido enhancement. The substance can provide the enhanced drive when the strain possess less of 7-hydroxygynine and possess uplifting and stimulating traits. Low doses of white veined and moderate doses of green-veined may possess a greater enhanced sexual drive.


The dosages should be taken care of before consuming. In case of Libido drive; white and green-veined are recommended. White-veined with a stimulative and uplifting presence should be consumed in 1-2 grams for a better libido drive. Green-veined can be consumed a little more to have the desired results. Consumption is advised after getting a consultation from a doctor.

How Kratom can be consumed for ED?

It is very well known to everyone that kratom has many positive effects on the body and there are some hidden benefits which are not widely spoken among the people and that is the ability of kratom to cause the issue of erectile dysfunction in men. Majority of the studies show that kratom has a positive effect on the libido levels of the body. We all know that kratom is very much a sexual enhancer and on the other side of the coin, kratom tends to cause erectile dysfunction as it can boost the libido and this happens because of the sedative nature of this plant. Make sure that you read the entire article to get a clear understanding of this.

When you look at kratom as a sexual enhancer, it can cause a higher sexual driver for the body. Proceeding further it is also seen that the nerve endings in the body can cause a boost to the body. One should always know that it can drive the analgesic and can increase the sexual sensitivity. If you have already started to get on with the sexual drive and it makes you keep going along with it. The main reason for this effect is that users claim that the kratom can bring back the dwindling sexual drive of a person with ease. If you are someone who is looking for the best possible results, it is high time to consult a doctor and make sure that you can seek the best medicinal advice.

As we have already discussed the tendency of kratom to cause the erectile dysfunction in the body as we know how kratom can boost the person’s sexual drive. Apparently, some prefer some higher dosage of kratom in order to feel the maximum effect of kratom. If you have planned anything kinky with your partner this is certainly the best way to kickstart the party and can make sure that you enjoy each and every part of it. Even if the part does achieve an erection, it is certainly not guaranteed that it can make it stand for a longer period of time or the entire session.

It can relax many parts of the body as we all know it can cure the soreness of the joints and muscles. The relaxation of the muscles also indicated the male sex organ and which makes a valid point over here. The drug also has some negative side to it as it can cause a relatively bad effect if it does not suit your body.

The main intention of using and consuming kratom is to boost the libido and enhance the energy to perform sexual acts with lower to minimum dosage. Boosting the dosage can increase the goodness for other parameters, but surely it would not help in the case of sexual wellness. When we view kratom from a sexual point of view, it is sure that it can cause both positive and negative effects s well. In order to achieve the desired effect, make sure that you get your dosage right every time to use the fullest potential of kratom.

How kratom and Viagra differ in treating ED?

MitrgynaSpeciosa or Kratom; a substance belonging to the south-east Asian countries and Sildenafil citrate or Viagra; a medication brought to market by the Pfizer Inc., Pharmaceutical firm based on the states both can be considered opposites when it comes to treating Erectile dysfunction or ED. So, let’s take a look at the effects produced by both medications and sum-up for a decision.

Effects of Kratom towards ED

Though the substance was in use in the forests of South-east Asia, the substance came to the broad light and gained more users just a couple of decades before. The substance was used as a medical remedy by the Thai people for centuries. The substance has notable medical benefits such as Stimulation drive, acts on anxiety, depression related issues, Sedative effects, Sexual drive. Kratom is available in capsules, Powder, Dried leaf for consumption. The substance is now used by the people of the American and European nations. The US was interested in placing the substance under Schedule 1 due to its addictive methods. The substance has been noted to be consumed in over-dosage by youngsters. Kratom having its medicinal points towards the sexual drive also carries cons. The stimulative dosages of the substance can make a person feel the sexual pull and feel excited. Reality over the substance is that libido can have a greater push over kratom but as the substance even carry sedative effects it can make the organs go less sensible. Prolonged usage of kratom in over-dosages can even dismiss the sexual drive over a period of time. Kratom also has effects on blood pressure thus, even more, impacting the ED. Kratom cannot be considered as a medicine curing ED but it can help with an enhanced sexual drive when consumed in a smaller dosage.

Effects of Viagra towards ED

Sildenafil citrate or as it is popularly known as Viagra is a medication used by many for ED. Although the substance is accused of abuse all over many parts of the world; the substance is still available as a prescription drug in medical outlets or shops online. The Substance though having some side effects after usage, however, has been seen widely as a medication for erectile dysfunction. The heavy dosage of the medication has been reported to have heart attacks, hypertension, sudden hearing loss or even longer painful erection. Viagra does work on erectile dysfunction but lacks providing the stimulation towards sexual drive which kratom provides. Unlike kratom, Viagra is available in Tablet form.

The mixture of Viagra and Kratom

Kratom being an enhancer; Viagra helping with ED, both share different path in the same process. People have started to consume both the substance to have their desirable effects. But is it good for a being? Both the substance has their fair share of side-effects when consumed in larger dosages. There is a lot of dilemmas whether both the substance do well together? Or does it cause any serious issues? Kratom, when consumed in larger amounts, pushes a person’s sexual drive aside due to sedation properties. Viagra, when consumed, can battle ED but does needs the stimulation for its benefits. It is even recommended to consult a doctor before taking the dosage of both the substance if a person is suffering from ED. However, it is said that stimulative amount of kratom along with less dosage of Viagra would pair well together to act responding towards ED.


If an individual is suffering from ED for a longer period of time, the combined substance can be experienced by consuming in smaller dosage to prevent the adverse effects. Further, it is even advisable to consult or discuss with a doctor to get a proper dosage of the substances to be consumed.

Easy tips to get Cheap Cialis Online from Internet Pharmacies

There are so many ways to get cheap Cialis online. We are going to discuss top ways to reduce the cost of the medication online in this blog. Reducing the price of the impotency medication is very much essential because most of the people are expected to pay from the pocket. The reason is that the insurance companies do not cover the ED drug expense.

6 easy tips to get cheap Cialis online

Get cheap Cialis online with coupons

Coupons are also referred as the discount cards. It is available both online and offline. You are supposed to get it and produce it to the online pharmacy. Depending upon the eligibility you would be provided with an offer. There will be unique number present on the card and it would be check by the mail order pharmacy before providing you with a Cialis discount.

Bulk buy to get cheap Cialis

There is no issue if you do not get a coupon as this technique can be followed by most of the people. Try to get the Tadalafil medication in bulk. For instance, get it for 90 days. If you have plans to continue taking this drug then you can also purchase more pills than this. When the number of tablets that you order goes up your medical expense would come down. So, bulk buy can help you to save huge money for sure.

Go for higher doses to get cheap Cialis online

This is actually a unique technique that is not known by most of the individuals. Though your doctor has instructed to take only lower dosage strength you can try to order Cialis online with a higher dosage. Before coming to conclusions just continue reading to know why we insist you to do so. The rate of Tadalafil with higher dose is very cheap compared to the lower dose. So purchase the higher dose and split the tablet to the appropriate dose before you consume it. You saved money here as well as you stood by the instructions that are provided by the doctor.

Offers and discounts help you to order cheap Cialis online

In general, mail order pharmacies would provide so many offers and discounts to people. The competition among online pharmacies is very much high. It becomes a must for them to reduce the cost of the medication to attract people to the online pharmacy. This opportunity can be utilized by you. Try to switch on the notification for most of the top internet based pharmacies. So, whenever they are going to give you discounts a mail would be popped up and you can order Cialis online.

Rebates for cheap Cialis online

Rebates are similar to coupons. The only difference between them is that you have to pay the complete amount initially to the online pharmacy if you have a rebate. After a certain period of days, the money would be refunded after calculating the eligibility of the discount. The Tadalafil rebates are available only in some parts of the world.

Festive periods are the best to purchase cheap Cialis online

It is usual that the offers are provided during the festive season and it is also applicable for drugs. So, whenever you find any festive period nearing then you can wait till that to refill your stock with tadalafil pills as it is sure that discounts would be provided to you.

These are some of the techniques that can be followed by any person to reduce the cost of Tadalafil medication easily when purchasing through an online pharmacy.

Is it really possible to get free Cialis coupon from legitimate internet pharmacies?

Yes, free Cialis coupon is available through mail order pharmacies. However it might not be very easy for you to get a great deal on ED drugs. No worries as we are there to guide you. Just keep reading so that you can get more benefits from coupon.

How to find the best free Cialis coupon?

It is very simple as you have reached this blog. We would tell you certain instructions you are supposed to follow it. If you have already selected an internet based pharmacy through which you want to get Cialis pills then search whether there is any coupon available in it. Most of the internet based pharmacies would also offer people with free Cialis coupons.

Firstly they can go about getting the coupon and also buy Cialis online from the same internet pharmacy. this will be really very convenient and also time-saving for you. However, only when you research more it becomes easy for you to find the best deal. So, try to compare different coupons that are offered through various Tadalafil online drugstores. Through this, you would be able to pick one that can help you to lessen the medical expense to a greater extent.

There are also dedicated websites that concentrate only on offering coupons to people. In this site, you cannot get Cialis medication. It is just that you have to download the discount card from it and use it either in an online pharmacy or in a traditional brick and mortar store. Those who are not able to find a coupon through a mail-order pharmacy can also try these sites.

Free Cialis coupon- Things to know

Most of the Cialis coupons that you get are for free. This opportunity is available in greater numbers so you avoid getting the coupon by paying a cost. There are many people who mistake that if they get a Cialis coupon they need not have to pay for the drug. However this is not the truth.

This is just a discount card that can help you to get offers on the pills. Those people who have a coupon would pay very less for the medication compared to those who do not have one. So, getting the coupon for this ED drug would definitely be an advantage for you.

Scams on coupons are happening in high numbers these days. There are certain counterfeit online pharmacies that claim to offer coupon for Tadalafil medication. In addition to this, they also tell you to order Cialis from them. The individuals would also follow it and fill their stock with cheap pills. However, the issue arises with the quality of the tablets. There is high chance that the active ingredient that is present in the medication is not formulated properly or it might contain harmful ingredients in the tablet.

Though you save money at the end of the day what is the benefit in getting these harmful pills for your treatment. This would actually create too many issues in your body. One factor that you have to keep in mind when trying to get free Tadalafil coupon is that you have to check the legitimacy of the online drugstore. Only when it happens to be genuine one you can get the free Cialis coupon that is offered.

To get further information about getting coupons you can visit the authority site. They would let you know how to get a genuine one. Apart from this, they would have also listed some of the sites through which you can get free discount cards.

How to safely buy Generic Cialis Online?

You have to buy generic Cialis only through a legitimate online pharmacy and if you are going to follow this to buy your ED medication then it is sure that you can be really safe. Though the journey to identify the reputed internet based pharmacy might be difficult, we can guide you to do so.

Buy generic Cialis through these steps

Similar to how traditional brick and mortar stores should get approved to do the drug business even the online pharmacies have to get the approval from the authorities. So, firstly you have to check whether the license number is available for the internet based pharmacy. In fact, you have to verify it before you buy generic Cialis online.

Not only this, but you are also supposed to verify the authority seal that is present on the bottom of the internet based pharmacy to be genuine. Through this way you have confirmed that you can get top class generic Cialis pills for your treatment. Now you can create your account in this online pharmacy and enter to get the pills.

Since we are talking about safety, you are supposed to get a prescription for this drug. This is to avoid any allergic reactions, taking an inappropriate dose, and drug interactions. You can be safe during the therapy only if you have a prescription for generic Cialis. In fact, having a medical script would pave way for reputed online drugstores. Otherwise, you would end up with counterfeit online pharmacies and get low class tablets for your course of therapy.

After visiting the approved mail order pharmacy, you can add the required number of pills to the cart and click continue shopping.

Buy generic Cialis in a secured network

Once you are in the payment section, you are supposed to provide details about the card. For example, in case of credit card you are expected to offer card number, CVV number and expiry date to the internet based pharmacy. When you do this, it becomes easy to do the generic Cialis online payment.

However, do you think it would be right to provide these details to any mail order pharmacy? There are high chances that your credit card information would be mishandled or sold to the third parties. This is the major threat that a person must face while buying generic Cialis online.

This is the reason why we recommend you to choose only authentic mail order pharmacies to procure the medication from. However the fear that some face while opting for the online pharmacies are high. We have a great idea for these individuals. It is that they can choose cash on delivery option. To get this opportunity, you are supposed to choose an approved mail order pharmacy that is closer to your place. This would increase the chance for you to get COD option.

There is a major reason on why we insist you to go for this payment method. You need not have to provide any card related information to the internet based pharmacy. Due to this, you can be assured that kept the details protected.

Now, after the payment is done the generic Cialis package would be delivered to your place. It is a must that you have to check the refund policy. While the pills are being shipped there are chances that it would be damaged. Though you are put in the situation, the customer friendly refund policy can help you to get rid of it easily. Those who are following these instructions can safely buy generic Cialis online without any hassle for their course of therapy.

Which is the best place to buy Cialis without a doctor prescription?

An online pharmacy is the best place to buy Cialis without a doctor prescription. It might be quite surprising to you when you read this. However, it is very true for sure. Those who are going to follow the instructions that are mentioned here can easily get this ED medication with no Rx.

Is taking Cialis without a doctor prescription safe?

First of all, you are supposed to take the medication only when you have a medical script with you. Cialis is a prescription only drug and only after getting this, you become eligible to consume the pills for your treatment.

When you take Cialis without a doctor prescription, you might not know about the appropriate dosage strength and take any dose. Due to this, either you would not be able to get an erection as you have taken a lower dose or you would suffer from side effects due to the consumption of a higher dose.

Apart from this, you would also face legal issues. The authorities have categorized this medication under prescription only drug category. If you are not following it then it is considered as the violation. You might come across internet-based pharmacies that can offer you Cialis without Rx. It is a must to avoid doing business with such online pharmacies. It is very clear that they are not following the rules thus the medication that you would get would not be in authentic quality. Thus taking such tablets would ruin your health to a greater extent.

How to buy Cialis without a doctor prescription online safely?

You have to opt for mail order pharmacies that can provide you with online medico consultation facility. There are few steps that you have to follow in order to opt for online doctor consultation opportunity. Firstly you are supposed to upload all your medical reports to the online pharmacy.

Secondly, you would be allowed to fill the online questionnaire. This is to get detailed information about your health issue. Now, you can consult an online physician. This can be done either on Skype or call based on your wish. With the medical reports, the online physician would be able to know about the health issues that you are suffering from and also about the medications that you are taking.

Through this, they can know whether you can take Cialis safely or not. In fact, they can also identify the reason behind your impotency issue.

Cialis without a doctor prescription Vs Cialis online prescription

We would recommend you to go to the second option. If you have a valid Cialis online medical script then you are eligible to take this medication. Since you have consulted the online doctor it is sure that you can be very safe during the treatment. In case, you get any ill effects or if your erection is not satisfactory you can consult with the online medico and correct your issues.

There are many people who buy Cialis online overseas. In this case, there is high chance that the package would be checked by the customs department. There are various ED drug illegal businesses happening across the world. Due to this, the custom department authorities would expect the person to show the prescription.

If you are an individual who belongs to the first category then it is definite that you are in trouble whereas those who fit in the second category would provide the online Cialis prescription and get the package. There is no need for them to take up the stress at any cost. It is because this procedure is considered legal by the authorities.

Is Cialis without a doctor prescription illegal in all countries?

There are many countries in which getting this erectile dysfunction medication would be considered legal whereas in other countries it is illegal. You have to check the laws that are prevailing in your country.

If the authorities in your place are not bothered about you ordering Cialis online with no prescription then you can do so. However, to safeguard your health it is always a must to consult a doctor to decide on whether this medication can be taken by you or not.

Drugs that may cause serious effects if interacted with Viagra

Viagra Interaction

Viagra is the most famous sex pill that has found its place in almost every household in the United States and other parts of the world and rightly so. The popularity can be attributed the fact that it is perhaps the first of sorts erectile dysfunction pills with the PDE5 inhibiting mechanism that is made to improve the sex life of individuals. Now, however, there might be other ED pills but nothing beats Viagra in its esteem. Since millions and millions of people are now finding solace in buying Viagra online it is important to be mindful of the drugs that interact with this ED pill and trigger unwanted effects in the body.

Drugs to say ‘no’ to while consuming Viagra

Nitrate medication

The No.1 drug that you should be a mile away from while taking Viagra is any medication that contains nitrate in it. Why Viagra and nitrates don’t mix? Both Viagra and nitrate medicine has the ability to dilate the blood vessels and relax the muscles. With widened vessels, naturally, the blood pressure will be lowered. This act becomes a problematic situation for people whose blood pressure is near the borderline and any pressure lower than that would be risky. Now the combined effect of both Viagra and nitrate causes, even more, decrease in blood pressure and highly precarious for all people in general but more dangerous for people who have angina. Some prominent nitrate medications include nitroglycerin, amyl nitrate, isosorbide mononitrate, isosorbide dinitrate.

Blood pressure medications

Since the sole job of blood pressure medications is to monitor the blood pressure and necessitate the required modulations, Viagra drug is known to interact with such medications as both of them work on the same aspect of the body which is blood vessels. An interaction in such cases is quite possible and must be avoided whenever possible. In fact, most medicos instruct their patients to completely stay away from either of the meds.

Other drugs

Other sets of drugs that might also interact with Viagra are

  • HIV medications
  • Cimetidine
  • Rifampin
  • Yeast or fungal infections drugs
  • Other erectile dysfunction drugs especially the ones that contain sildenafil ( an active ingredient in Viagra) in them.
  • Nizoral, Sporanox – Greatly increases the levels of Viagra in the blood hence individuals will be more susceptible to side effects of Viagra.
  • Protease inhibitors – The increase in the Viagra concentration levels in the blood that happens with protease inhibitors, can lead to dizziness, prolong erection and blurred vision.

How to avoid the wrath of dangerous drug interactions with Viagra?

The one and the only way to steer clear of adverse effects are to educate yourself about Viagra including how it works in the body and what are the situations in which it fails to work. Indicate to your medical professional about all the drugs that you take even if they do not fall under the aforesaid medications. Based on your condition a doctor will monitor your dose of medications or suggest you discontinue either of the medications that interact with each other.

Why branded pills of Viagra cost 50 times more than its generic version in the US?

Viagra Brand vs Generic Price

Viagra is a drug which belongs to a group of medication known as phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. These drugs are generally considered as the best ED medication for men. Viagra Online pharmacies are the best and the safest way to get hold of the drug. But, it has been found that the Viagra costs at least 50 times more than the generic Sildenafil tablets in the United States. So, there is a tendency in people to choose the brand drug over the generic formulation, just because they think that brand version is good for them. But why is it so?

What is the reason behind this price difference in branded and generic Viagra?

The difference in price is simply due to the production and marketing factors that work behind the production of branded sildenafil. A pharmaceutical company when acquires the patent for a drug then no other companies are allowed to manufacture the medicine. Usually, the duration of patent expiration depends on various factors. Whatever the time span might be, after the patent expires, other companies get the privilege of producing the patented medicine under different names making it possible for you to buy Viagra with these varied brand names. These drugs thereby produced by various other companies are termed as generic medicines. The manufacturer of these generic Sildenafil tablets doesn’t have to bear the burden of marketing, research, promotions, surveys and manufacturing as the branded manufacturer has already gone through all these processes and has paved the way for other companies to manufacture the generic medicine at a relatively low price. Moreover, the brand Viagra is marketed by a specific group of pharmacies whereas the generic medicine is sold under different names worldwide with a very low investment. This makes the generic medication more cost-effective than the branded one.

What are the differences between the generic and brand version of Viagra?

In reality, there is not a huge difference between the brand version and generic version of the pill. Erectile Dysfunction medications are regarded as one of the safest drugs with little side effects if consumed properly, and hence, you can take whatever composition of the viagra that is suiting your body condition. They are used to produce the same effect to the people who use either version of viagra. Yet, some people might be able to find some minor differences between the pills due to the presence of the active substance which is added in the brand version of viagra. In the brand formulation of Sildenafil i.e., Sildenafil Citrate, the inactive substances like the microcrystalline cellulose, anhydrous dibasic calcium phosphate, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, hypromellose, titanium dioxide, lactose, triacetin, and artificial colorants are added while generic viagra might contain different inactive agents. This will produce some effect on people who had used the generic version of viagra. Our body will react to the slightest change in the composition of the drug which we used to take, and some might experience good effect with the brand and some might experience good effect with the generic version of viagra. Some people find the brand version of Viagra more effective than the generic viagra, as the inactive substances are believed to affect the rate of absorption the sildenafil in the body.

In what forms can Viagra be bought from pharmacies?

Viagra Forms

It has been some time since Viagra came out to rescue men who suffered from Erectile Dysfunction. This particular drug has worked like a charm for the males who had some problem while performing in bed or on the sofa or wherever they got the chance! Individuals can buy Viagra online in many forms including some generic forms as well as some specific forms that are sold by private pharmaceutical companies. Let’s look into this drug and postmortem all its variations that can help you improve your or your partner’s sexual life!

The types of Viagra that really helps you

Sildenafil Citrate, Viagra super active, Viagra Super P force.
Here are the main players in this particular category of drugs. They all are available in the stores near you and some of them can even be bought online easily. Most of these formulations of Viagra have shown promise as an ED medication. Most of them are generic Viagra that can be bought at a cheaper price. These drugs are available easily as pharmaceutical companies make a lot of them to keep the male population satisfied, making huge profits out of these kinds of Viagra. They are easy to use too. Just pop a pill if you think you are going to get lucky in the next 45 minutes. You can consume the pill anytime less than 4 hours before you get into combat mode. There are minimal side effects and you can completely rely on Viagra to make that thing erect while you take pleasure engaging in any position you desire. All these forms of Viagra have worked wonders for most of the men and I hope you get the same results too.

Are all forms of Viagra the same?

Technically, none of this formulation of Viagra is the same. They all are made to solve the same purpose but have different dosage timings and specialties that make them so different. The super force and super active Viagra are made to help you boost your performance if you do not have enough time to get ready before getting some action. The rest of them are almost general drugs which treat ED by getting more blood into the penis after opening more blood vessels circumventing it. They all are good, have a plenty of positive reviews and have minimal side effects. But one thing that you should keep in mind before buying one of these forms of Viagra is to pick the one that would give you all the benefits for the least amount if bucks. If you have a lot of money and a dysfunctional penis, then you can have any of them depending on your need; but if you are tight on money you can go for the plain generic ones instead that do not have any special properties like the super active or the super P Force Viagra. You have to research and get the one with the cheapest tag and real benefits. So, good luck on raising your cup higher every time you pop one of these and remember that erectile dysfunction is quite normal and every man at one point in his has suffered from ED.

Use Viagra and Cialis