Facts on KRATOM & ED

Kratom is a plant found primarily in the South-Eastern parts of Asia, like Thailand and Indonesia, and is now available in the form of powders and tablets on the global market. It contains numerous chemicals termed as alkaloids that can have a range of effects when it interacts with the human body. Kratom has become renowned for its variety of uses as a stimulant, a relaxant and even an anti-depressant. But not many people are aware of its effects as a sexual aid. Kratom has also begun to gain some notoriety for its use in stimulating the libido and enhancing the user’s sexual drive. However, a lot of concern has also been raised on how the other effects of kratom can affect sexual activity. We are here now to shed a little light on the use of kratom in this respect.

How Can Kratom Help Your Sexual Performance?

Kratom is effectively a stimulant, though the potency differs from strain to strain. This property can increase your sex drive and inclination and can also enhance the nerve endings, which are the most sensitive areas during sexual activity. These more active strains that also increase the energy levels of the user can help to treat erectile dysfunction which is a very common problem in most men across the world. The more relaxing strains of kratom that can also double as an analgesic or a sedative can reduce the sensitivity of the sexual organs. This helps many people last longer in bed and can even improve performance as the sexual drive of the user is enhanced as well. This strain is particularly helpful for people who have problems with premature ejaculation or other similar pre-existing conditions. Many married couples who have been experiencing difficulties in maintaining a healthy sexual relationship with each other have started to take kratom to increase their libidos and enhance their sexual performance. Kratom has helped them to regain that old spark and make the most of each sexual experience.

What Are the Negative Effects of Kratom?

Other than the usual side-effects that kratom has been associated with, taken in large doses kratom can be completely ineffective as a sexual aid. Especially strains that are known for properties as analgesics, sedatives or relaxants, the effects they cause can negatively affect the sexual stimulation of the user. This is because large doses of these strains can make you sluggish, groggy and tired. It can also numb the more sensitive areas of the body and the sexual organs in a way that makes it difficult to achieve an orgasm or can lead to temporary erectile dysfunction, which could become more permanent as you continue using higher doses of kratom. The more relaxing and euphoric strains of kratom can also negatively affect your libido and curb your interest in the sexual activities being performed. It can make the user distance himself or herself from the situation at hand and the activity being engaged in, and that can, in turn, affect sexual drive. Many frequent users of kratom have reported issues with erectile dysfunction and difficulties in ejaculated after repeated use of heavy doses of kratom, between 8 to 12 grams a day and upwards. Some users also stated that the repeated heavy use of kratom reduced their testosterone levels. This is probably because most strains of kratom, even those available in powder form, are potent enough that low doses are usually enough to achieve whatever effects the user wants. High doses slightly increase the impact of these effects but can render the user slower and less capable of cognitive function. And sex is as much with the mind as it is with the body. Improper dietary habits, sleep routines and even a lack of exercise can also affect your sexual performance, in addition to the negative effects kratom might have in large doses.

How to Use Kratom For Sex?

As was mentioned above, some strains of kratom can actually be great for an improved sexual experience. It can give you focus and energy, increasing your sexual drive and regulating the sensitivity of your nerve endings and sexual organs. To truly achieve these positive effects on your libido and sex drive, kratom should only be taken in low to moderate doses, essentially between 1 gram and 6-7 grams a day at most. In case you’re making use of kratom extracts or kratom capsules, the dosage will differ depending on the potency and the dosage of the capsules respectively. Ideally, you should discuss taking kratom (as a sexual aid or for general treatment) with your doctor so you can have a clearer idea of kratom could affect your body. Using kratom to enhance your sexual performance is all about to find the perfect balance between the effects of kratom and your own drive.         

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