Kratom for Libido enhancement

Kratom is a tropical herb from the south-east part of Asia; has a lot of medicinal as well as psycho-active properties. The plant hails its origin to the tropical country of Thailand. Despite being grown widely in the forests of Thailand; the plant was forced banned by Thailand government. The reason for the ban was the herb being a cheap replacement for opium. The country mainly versed in opium trade was threatened by the opiate-like factors Kratom was offering when it acts with the µ receptors exactly where the opiate functions.

Libido in Kratom

Kratom already having plenty of medicinal as well as psycho-active benefits; also helps with libido. The herb when consumed has a simulated sex drive. The substance when consumed on the right level of dosage helps with the enhanced sex drive. Kratom is said to provide enhanced effects and stimulation towards intercourse craving. The plant has been used as a traditional and recreational drink even in Thailand during the old days. However, there need to present a balance between the sexual performance and the consumption of Kratom. The herb is also said to have positive benefits with performance during libido. The Sedation traits of the plant can be held responsible when the interest starts to lag. Kratom is consumed by many people to have a better sex drive or enhancement. The substance is used for extra stamina boosting uplifting effects which push the person. When consumed in lower doses; the substance can have positive effects such as boosting of the mind, the enhanced libido drive. Kratom is also a cure for erectile dysfunction when consumed in appropriate dosages. The sense of touch seems to be so high when the herb is consumed. Consumption in heavier doses can result in adverse side effects which may not seem positive.

How to use Kratom for sexual enhancement?

Age is not considered a bar for the consumptions of the substance. The substance boosts the energy levels and increases the feels for a better experience.


Kratom helps by changing the mood the person is in. The substance when consumed produces a euphoric feeling; which boosts the confidence, motivation and focus endured from the herb. Many Users have reportedly commented that the substance makes them feel happy; thus altering the mind of a person. The sex drive in an uplifted mood helps with a positive mood.

Extrovert challenge

Many introverts find it hard to speak with people especially women. The substance improves the sociability in a human. The herb helps in lowering the physical and mental anxiety present in a human that increases the interaction and develops the conversation.


Many people have the feel of insecurity and the fear of low performance during the event of libido. This can be prevented by consuming Kratom. The herb is a better-known replacement for pharmaceutical drugs or medicines to battle depression, anxiety and stress. It promotes the focus. As the fear factors reduce the libido drive increases.

Strains suitable for Libido

There are plenty of strains available in Kratom. There are basically sub-classified based on the color of veins; red, white, green. Red being sedation, white being uplifting and green staying in-between the two. It is recommended to avoid the red-veined strains because they are more potent in sedation. Bali and the green Hulu Kapuas are some of the well-known strains for libido enhancement. The substance can provide the enhanced drive when the strain possess less of 7-hydroxygynine and possess uplifting and stimulating traits. Low doses of white veined and moderate doses of green-veined may possess a greater enhanced sexual drive.


The dosages should be taken care of before consuming. In case of Libido drive; white and green-veined are recommended. White-veined with a stimulative and uplifting presence should be consumed in 1-2 grams for a better libido drive. Green-veined can be consumed a little more to have the desired results. Consumption is advised after getting a consultation from a doctor.