Sure Delivery

We offer sure delivery to our customers. Once you order a medication online an email would be sent and this would contain a tracking number. Usually, this email would be sent within 24 hours. If the order is made on the weekend, then this mail would be sent in the next business day.

Free tracking service

Customers would not be charged with any fee for this tracking facility. It is absolutely free for both domestic and international customers. There will be no hidden charges as well.

No worry shipping

If the drug package is not delivered within 15 days then you would be eligible to get the parcel with free shipping or full refund. However, in situations like providing wrong address or such, we would not be liable for any concession.

Shipment Tracking

If you are not able to track the package within 24 hours, you need not have to worry thinking the drug package would be delivered late. The main reason behind this is the process of a tracking system is the little bit delayed. The drug package would surely be delivered on time.

Assured Tracking service

If you are not interested in losing your tracking of your package then you can go about choosing sure delivery, Track-Trace or IPS. These would work very efficiently and all the customers are opting for this service only. Right from dispatch, to the delivery at your home each and every activity would be known by you. The process is also very simple and user-friendly.

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